Monday, June 03, 2013

The Infamous Duck

(copied from FB)

ROFLOL... so yesterday Aidan and I saw a duck in a pond on the way home from Peggy's Cove (for the 2nd time, since the 1st time we discovered that DeeDee's just opened for the season... needed cash, drove home, got cash, and went back to Peggy's Cove for DeeDee's homemade ice cream... yes, it is that good. I would say the best I have ever tasted). Anyways, we asked Patrick to drop us off so we could take a few pics. Got some pretty good ones and headed home to search the internet in order to identify this NEW bird. Spent 1+hr. searching, but never could find this illusive duck. Well, once again this morning, we studied the picture trying to pinpoint any unique feature that might help up to identify it... only to finally realize, it is a fake duck... we will never find this duck online. hahahaha The joke is on us!

Honestly, how we ever thought this was a live specimen is beyond me???

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