Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Ol' Times - Part 5

Halifax Waterfront

3 beautiful girls - inside and out!
(not sure who the hooligan in the background is;)

While the little guys play inside, you can trust the big boy will scale the outside!

Who knew the springs were so "springy" that they flung one of the boys completely through the air and over the front end (involved one bleeding elbow, but thankfully no worse for wear).

Directly across from the "submarine playground" is the giant Wave sculpture.


Even Asher tried to run up the wave and slide down (he only made it a few feet :)

After playing for awhile, we toured HMCS Sackville (flower-class corvette). 
In the above photograph, you can see it just off to the left in the background.

How is it that this little man can look so... like he knows exactly what he is doing...
and the moms... well, not so much.



K. Humby said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! Glad they could come visit!!! LOVE Sean's shoes... :)

Valerie Gardner said...

Sean, you remind Grandad and me so, SO much of Uncle Ren in this shot. Really, you always do - every time we see you :)

Rachel said...

Doesn't he.. I totally agree!
Yay, Mom, you figured it out :) Thanks for your comments (you too, Katie) XOXO