Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Ol' Times - Part 4

It says:
"The trail to Cape Split is moderately difficult. Approximately 8 km (5 mi.) one way. Total return time is 4-5 hours.
Stay on established trails. Do not approach cliffs. They are actively eroding and unstable. 
(and the part we failed to read)
Shoreline exploration is not recommended. Weather conditions may change quickly and incoming tides are fast and unpredictable."

Ummmmmm, yeah!

All set! 
I think there were 5 backpacks among us to better distribute the water, snacks...


It was a well-maintained, scenic trail; and better yet, poison ivy does NOT thrive here.

Definitely photogenic!

We made it; and WOW! 

The tip of the cape was covered with seagulls (adults and chicks).

Resting before the long hike back!

Desperately searching for a way off the cliff, down to the beach! 
Unfortunately, we were not successful!
Maybe that is a good thing; because we were later informed that the incoming tide completely buries the beach, reaching the cliffs, and can be quite dangerous.

Incredible view - 
well worth the long hike and aching feet!

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