Sunday, August 04, 2013

My Baby Sister - Lawrencetown Beach 2/2

 After warming up a bit, we set off to explore a new section of the beach.

The big boys helping the little boys negotiate the tide pools to reach the sandbar.

Sitting on the quickly disappearing sandbar.

♥ Proof that Mar and I were there ♥

Asher loved running in and out of the tide pools, but he needed some assistance as there was quite a sudden drop off in this area.

Happy boy :)


After accidentally tripping, he decided it was quite funny and kept flopping on his belly with a loud "ooooomph" 

My almost fearless water baby!

I love seeing my 2 oldest having fun together. 

The current was super strong, and I admit to being nervous. Thankfully, only the 2 oldest boys attempted it and made it back safely.
Never again!!!

Warming up one last time before heading home!

Such a FUN, memorable day!

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