Sunday, August 04, 2013

He Does Sit, Sometimes!

If you happen to catch him sitting, you can bet that he has just successfully climbed into or onto it. And you better be quick, because he is about to do something crazy, grab a child-inappropriate object, or poke his finger where it does not belong.

I was quick...  
and you can see what a long-legged, lean little man he is!

But by the next pic, he was moving on!

Now I should add that by far, he is most likely to sit still when he is with a beloved brother :)
(and he LOVES watching his brothers play Minecraft)

Why, yes, I did :)
How else would you have proof that he does not sit still?
He climbed and then proceeded to "do something crazy"!

I heard him calling, "Momma, Momma, Momma" in an unusual, quiet voice and ran to investigate. Upon my arrival, he started bawling...
he had somehow managed to tilt the chair over backwards where thankfully the desk prevented it from falling to the floor. Notice him hanging on for dear life!!! 

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