Monday, November 25, 2013

Go, Team!

Wish these pictures turned out better. I was fighting the camera all night; but with low batteries, I couldn't take the time to find the best setting. 

They were both starters for this game!

These two have been such a blessing both this year and last.
Last year, I remember the boys telling us about their new coaches... "Mrs. B. designs the "torture", and Mr. D. enforces!!!" Yes, they have pushed the boys and trained them hard, but they also seem to know just what to say to encourage and motivate them too!

Sean swishes his free throw!

Move your feet... clearly the are:)

Drew swishes his free throw!!!

At half time, the boys were down 32 to 37... only 5 pts. 
Between Sean and Drew, they had scored more than 1/2 these points. 
They ended up losing by 18 points, but last year they lost to this team by at least 50 points. 
 Sean won MVP and nailed three 3 pt. shots,  scoring a total of 20 pts!
Drew had his best game to date. He also nailed a 3 pointer and scored 9 pts!

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