Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just Like That!

My baby is not such a baby anymore.

He understands pretty much EVERYTHING,
is quite adept with an Ipad,
and recognizes some colors, letters, and numbers, but he still speaks very little.
What can he say?
Mama, Dada, Aidan, and Drew. He can say, but rarely does, Luke and Sean.
Door (pronounced like doe), more (moe), baby, bye bye, nigh nigh, blue (boo), moon (moo), butter (bubu), juice, YES (and yep), no (and nope), mine (my), me, tv (teetee), moo, meow, grrrrr, monkey (nyu nyu), one, apple (bapa), banana (nana), Nana, Granddad, downstairs (not clearly), right there (at least, I think that is what he says). 
He has also started tripling sounds like Ma ma ma which I think stands for "I want"???
He knows all his body parts.
He will talk one of these days when he is ready!!!

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