Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Right half~~~~~~~~~~~~Left half
I know it looks like a lot, but it wasn't (well, quite a few empty boxes). Maria had already gone through most of it, and it just needed to be shifted around a bit. Really a perfect job for a certain someone who loves puzzles (even not-so-typical ones) and her trusty partner, Aidan.


You can see that there are no major changes to the right half of the room... just neatly stacked. 

The left half of the room is a DRAMATIC change, and most everything was moved to and easily organized on the right side (told you there wasn't really that much stuff... it just looks like a lot when it is spread out). It is now the perfect place for a bunch of teenagers who had a blast down there on Friday night!!!
Shuffleboard, Table tennis, game table, Fridge stuffed with pop, snacks, pizza, lots of space and chairs, even exercise equipment... what's not to love!

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