Sunday, November 03, 2013

On the Way Home

These first four pictures were taken in the garden at Just Us Coffeehouse in Grand Pre.
The following ones were taken at Evangeline Beach where we stopped briefly to look for birds. However, the tide was out, and we walked the ocean floor instead. At low tide, the water recedes as far as a half-mile in places. To reach the water, one must brave the mud which oozes between your toes. When the tide turns, beware! It comes in almost as fast as one can walk! Be prepared to spend some time and a lot of baby wipes attempting to remove the "liquid chocolate" that has climbed at least to one's knees. 

Shoes were ditched pretty early on.

 Headed out.

They did eventually reach the water's edge.

Aidan, Luke, and I turned back. It was just a bit too slimy and slippery for us.

What a day to behold God's wondrous creation!!!

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