Sunday, May 03, 2015


you know... 
as in the British definition...
Yay, it was about time, and Granddad was here to accompany us.

We visited a swamp. It was a really great place to see birds.
But they were just a bit out of reach for my lens, and attempting to sneak closer triggered flight.

Northern Pintail (LIFER)

Green-winged Teal (LIFER)

Sandhill Crane (LIFER)

Whistling/Bewick's Swan (LIFER)

Oh, what a fun day. We walked for hours and got rather lost in the swamp. 
Aidan and I could not decide which way to go; but we all agreed that we would most likely spot the vehicle on the opposite side of the swamp.

 We did NOT feel like backtracking or circling the swamp. We voted to cut across, attempting to walk on top of the cattail mounds. It worked, for the most part... except for the areas where there were streams bisecting the mounds. We attempted to leap across across, some successfully (Aidan) and others not so much. Thankfully, the swamp was still partially frozen or we would have ended up wading. YUCK!
What a fantastically memorable much better than sticking to boring, old trails.

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