Monday, May 04, 2015

Easter Afternoon

 They had been begging me for probably a month to PLEASE stick to tradition.
They wanted to be surprised by an Easter basket discovered on their bed, followed by an egg hunt.
And if you know me, I am either fully in or fully out.

So Asher and Luke also colored Easter eggs.
I was delighted to find "pretend" eggs all ready to be dipped. No boiling necessary. Too bad the colors did not take very well, but the little boys still had fun.

How could I ignore their request? I knew waking up to a basket of goodies before church would be utter chaos, distraction, and probably involve some tears. So I had these waiting for them when arrived home. It was an even better surprise, since I am sure they began to wonder if there would be any Easter gifts this year.

I tried to convince the big boys that they had outgrown this tradition... didn't work. 
They were not missing out on candy!

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