Monday, May 04, 2015

Egg Hunt 2015

Pictures first, please!

Take 1 
What a great pic of Luke and Aidan, but Asher... seriously.

That'll do :)

First, a bit of artwork while Daddy hides the eggs.

It might have taken him a minute to figure it out, but my boot is proof he became quite proficient.

Planned and executed with precision.
Their personalities shine as they create!

All ready!


Golden eggs were a huge hit this year.
Asher was beyond impressed to discover his very own money inside.

Daddy to the rescue 
Ooops, he tripped and fell while dashing around, searching for more eggs.

This one wasn't too hard to find.

It took a bit of searching, along with some assistance, to find his golden egg in this bush.


Aidan wins.

They all three sat in the front yard for quite some time gobbling down candy.

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