Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Big Project - Before

It really didn't LOOK that bad (although Drew didn't love the color as the gray appeared more  lavender certain times of the day). Our main concern was that it was COLD in there and come summer, it would be unbearably hot. 
So when my parents graciously informed us that they were coming to help with a project, this is the one we ultimately selected. Trust me, there are many others with this house being close to 100 years old.

The walls were finished with 3/4" Knotty Pine paneling in various widths. At some point, they painted over it... not the best look, because it really highlights the discrepancies in the boards. They also painted the beautiful solid oak window sills, apron, jam and molding. 

Upon closer inspection, we realized the ceiling was 3/8" plywood with molding to cover the seams. 

The job begins.

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