Sunday, January 19, 2014


The snow was really too deep for him to maneuver in his ski pants and boots... the sled it is :)

He is such a snow baby!
 He loves eating it, playing in it, sledding... he almost never is ready to come inside.

Solo trip down the hill.

Loving it.

What a big boy!!!

Even from the rear, I think he looks so cute in his snow suit.

Fussing... silly boy expects his sled ride up the hill.

He is not one to complain for any length of time. He will figure out a way to accomplish it himself!!!!!
This time it appears that sitting in the snow was just as satisfactory!

A few minutes later, I glanced his direction to discover he had gotten up and hiked a bit further to reach the area under the tree with no snow. He was sitting there giggling as the water dripped from the trees onto his face!!!

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