Saturday, March 22, 2014

Eagle Watch - Sheffield Mills

Patrick and I (and Aidan... sort of ) are members of NSBS. It is a fantastic place to learn about birds; and oh, the photography is amazing! So we went to this with high expectations. We imagined we would see Bald Eagles landing and taking off, fighting over the dead chickens; ample opportunities for fantastic pictures. In reality, the eagles did soar over the field... occasionally. And I'll admit, one adult and one juvenile did grab a side of chicken to go. But mostly they just rested in the top of the branches of the old, huge hardwoods about as far from the humans as possible... pretty disappointing.

Bald Eagle - an rare flyby

Who knows?

Eating snow... not much else to do.

 Thankfully, the Red-tailed Hawk was showing off!

See all of the black spots in the trees - quite a congregation of "sleepy" Bald Eagles.

This doesn't even begin to show just how many birders/photographers were camped out on the edge of this field with their GEAR.

"I'm not sharing!"

"Keep your distance!" ~~~~~~~~~~~ "I'm gonna get you!"

"Got you!!!"

 I think these two stole the show ;)

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