Friday, March 28, 2014

To Nap or Not

It is indeed the question around here!
Honestly, he needs a nap. But in a never ending cycle, he is exhausted and wakes up late which means a late nap if any. And if he naps late, he has a hard time falling asleep. So, more often than not, I skip an official nap only to find him sound asleep elsewhere.

 One of his favorite spots is curling up in the seat beside a big brother to watch Minecraft.
The boy LOVES minecraft; and while he still does not speak in full sentences, he can say, "TNT, chests, ice, bow n' arrow, meat....

His other favorite spot is the stroller. I am convinced he will ask for a walk, knowing he is tired and can take a nap... sneaky boy.

Yep, he is a funny, smart little man alright!

Last night, he was quietly lying in his bed. He pops up all of the sudden to put his hands on me with a big grin... cold hands. He was delighted! Can't say I didn't deserve it ;)

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