Monday, December 07, 2015


It is rare to capture a moment where this boy is sitting still and NOT sticking out his tongue or doing his "cheesy grin". Most often, I catch him mid-stride, the white sole of his shoe being evidence that he is racing towards or away from me. 
He is sassy, way sassier than I remember any of the other boys being. Although, the boys' schoolmates (girls to be exact), assure me that all of my boys are sassy. 
He is a sweetheart and loves spending time with his brothers. These days he is quick to say "sorry" when he is being a stinker. 
He is really into friends nowadays. He loves making a new friend and proudly announces it to his dad and brothers. He has even started carrying objects to show them. Seeing him wave to his friend when he first spots them is so adorable!!!
Sitting in church quietly is a work in progress, but he is definitely headed in the right direction. Yesterday, I praised him for being such a good boy after the morning service. Evening church too, he was seated beside me, perfectly still and quiet, AND with his focus seemingly directed towards the pastor. A few minutes later his eyes began to droop and his body began to sway, jerking first to the left and then to the right. It was perfect while it lasted, but drifting off is a quick ticket to the nursery☺ 

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