Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Our newest addition to our family (and she just might be a girl :)
Her story:
For a couple of days, we kept hearing, "Meow, meow." We would dart outside to investigate, only to be greeted by silence. In desperation, I sneaked out the front door while the boys were busy and crept in the direction of the "meow". Victory! I found this tiny kitten curled up in our van engine. All morning, we attempted to lure her out with tuna. Later, we carefully checked the engine, looking in all the cracks and crannies, and then loaded up and left. Our first pit stop was the bank. We pulled up to the teller machine and hear, "Meow!" We finished the transaction, quickly parked, and threw open the van lid. Thankfully, Patrick was able to grab her, and we stopped back by the house to drop her off. 

This poor kitten was terrified of people, anything that moved, noise. She would tremble in fear and hide. At night, she would circle our house, mewling all the while. It was really quite pitiful. Initially, we set out to catch her, in order to drop her off at an animal shelter. We felt she was just too young to be on her own. Aidan patiently worked to capture her. Finally, he rigged this old container, with food at the back and a string on the door. He positioned himself to pop the door shut once the kitty entered. Hours later, success!!!!  
When it was all said and done, the boys wanted to keep her and we weren't so keen to deliver her to the shelter. 
We locked her in the garage for about a week to help her feel safe, to feed her, and to get her used to human contact.  Then we left the door open for longer periods of time each day, until she was completely acclimatized to her new home.

She now LOVES us!!! 
She loves to lick our hands, to be stroked, and to be carried even by Asher. 
She is learning to retract her claws so as not to get helplessly caught. She adores playing with anything that moves - bumble bees, paper, grass clippings...
She is a bit naughty, and constantly tried to dart inside.


She is solely responsible for getting our boys out of the house more. I love that!

 Our Simba!!!

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