Monday, August 10, 2015

Boys Will Be Boys

Just have to shake my head and laugh every time I see this picture.
You see, it was almost time for evening church. I had sternly warned the younger 3 to stay out of the mud, because we would be leaving soon. I head out the door, and what do I see? 
I ordered them to get their butts inside and to sit at the table for a pic. I think they were a bit worried and embarrassed. They rushed off to shower and change; even their clothes were covered in splattered mud. Upon checking to see that they were completely clean, I spotted some smeared mud on one of their faces. Trying to keep up the appearance of a disgruntled mother, I grabbed a damp paper towel and proceeded to inform a certain young man that I had spit on the paper. I would be cleaning his face with it, which he totally deserved. Only later did I fully realize that he "bought into" my act, believing I had washed his face with spit. I will always wonder why he stoically endured???  
People, it was fresh water from the sink, and I profusely apologized!!!

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Jennifer Boll said...

I love it!