Monday, August 17, 2015

Drew Came Bearing Gifts - Part 1

I still can't believe he hauled this all the way here.
What a sweetheart!

Who weighs more?

That's a lot of lobster!

 Asher was not particularly impressed.

Are you?

It takes a pro to get these in the pot.

Almost ready.

Bon appetit!
It was at this point that we realized we had no tools. I found one cracker, and we made do with scissors and skewers.

We all love lobster except Aidan.
Patrick loves the tomalley and the meat inside the top half of the lobster, Luke loves the roe, and Sean loves it all. 

As always, Patrick is the last one standing as he works his way through as many bodies as he can.

A mostly empty pile of shells.


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