Sunday, January 04, 2015

Just Keeping it Real, Folks

My husband may live to regret this decision, but he bought me an iphone shortly after moving here.
Since then, he has received his fair share of silly pics... quite astonishing since I am not really a "selfie" kind of girl. Generally, if something or someone amasses a following, COUNT ME OUT!

 Sending Daddy smooches via a pic on our long drive to PA.

Silly goof balls.

Keeping Asher happy and occupied during his brothers' many basketball games can be challenging.
Patrick bought him a ring pop, and I took this pic so that he could see that his lips were indeed BLUE...

and his tongue too. He was quite impressed!

I sent him this half decent pic to make up for the other tragedies.
 I will probably later regret publishing this post, but there you have it!

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