Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Morning

Aidan and Luke were up early, but not too early.

This little man was snoozing away in our bed until almost 9 a'clock, when we finally gave his brothers permission to interrupt his beauty sleep.

It is so difficult for them to resist giving him unneeded assistance.

I just realized that somewhere along the way it has become almost a tradition for me to take a picture of the boy(s) sitting on the couch before they open their first present on Christmas morning.
One of these days I need to compile these to see just how far back it goes

I am not sure which they enjoy most, ripping open their own present or observing each other.

♥ Breakfast time - my "6 boys" ♥

Finally, its time!

"What could it be?"
A small box that rattles when shaken...
Luke totally tricked Drew, who believed it was a puzzle... not all that exciting... when it reality it was an entire collection of guitar picks... very exciting!!!

Offering assistance... if needed


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