Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Trip Down South - Girls' Night Out (Part 2)

Dinner at American Girl!!!

 ♥ My beautiful niece and I ♥

You can either bring your own favorite doll and/or stuffed animal OR you can choose an American Girl doll to join you for dinner! Hook-on highchairs are provided for all.

Playing a pre-dinner game while waiting for the first course!

Appetizer - Blueberry muffins with fruit and yogurt dip!

Entree: Salmon, green beans, and roasted potatoes 

Dessert: Chocolate fondue with brownies and marshmallows
She was truly amazed to realize that, yes, she should make 3 selections and they were all for her :)

I am pretty sure these sweet girls had a fantastic evening... at least until the car ride home.
 Two girls who are allergic to dairy + dairy + a long drive = a recipe for disaster. 

I know we had a fantastic day!!!
And thank you for taking many of these great pics for me :)

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