Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Birding - No Thanks!

Sometimes Aidan and I take the little boys birding with us. It allows us to visit new birding spots and gets them out of the house. Occasionally, Asher will fall asleep on the way to wherever we are going - perfect!
Luke has made it clear that "birding is just not his thing". Asher... IDK... he does notice birds... both by sight and by sound. And when he hears the Mourning Doves, he is quick to look for an owl ;)

Not birding quickly turned into...



NOT a happy camper...

Not happy at all!

But all of 2 seconds later, a smile is back on his face.
You gotta love toddlers!

Purple Finch and Red Crossbill... both males
A little size comparison for those of us who do care!

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