Thursday, January 01, 2009

Luke on Christmas morning!

I know it is not technically Luke's 1st Christmas, but it is the first one in which he could actively participate.
First look at all the goodies!

Unloading his stocking -
first toothpaste (Thomas the Tank Engine)

What else could be in here?


Gotta reach way down in there:)

Chocolate gold coins - yum!

This was kind of an impromptu gift opening
(we normally wait until after a HUGE breakfast to open the gifts).
However, we figured a little "baby dope" would help to keep him happy while we cooked:)
Ripping off the wrapping.

Almost done.

Can I watch it now, please?

1 comment:

K. Humby said...

I love all of the pics... How sweet!!! Luke looked very impressed with his presents. BUT... sidenote!
What happened to your kitchen???