Thursday, January 01, 2009

January 1st and..........

Aidan lost his 1st tooth!!!
We thought that was a pretty cool coincidence!

Look at all those teeny tiny baby teeth.

String attached carefully under and around the tooth and ready to be pulled.

My little boy is growing up:(:)

On a side note, Sean has always pulled his own teeth - using a string attached by me or by grabbing and yanking it out with his fingers.
Drew is another matter, and I will just suffice it to say, that I always end up pulling it out after the string is in place.
Aidan decided right off the bat that he wanted me to pull it. Okay, no big deal.
(I used to downright refuse to pull a tooth; but out of necessity, the "skill" was aquired.)
So I asked him if he was ready, looped the string securely around my fingers, and yanked.
Out popped the tooth. My whole body started shaking/quivering. It felt so weird! I don't know what was different other than the tooth making a slight sound as it popped out.
But next time, I think I will have Patrick nearby just in case I pass out.


j.j. said...

i have NEVER heard of using a string to pull out a tooth! who knew...

Martha said...

You can forget the shaking/feeling weird part. If I had to pull someone's tooth, I think I probably just skip to the passing out! lol