Friday, December 20, 2013

Yarmouth and Cape Sable Island

Aidan had been requesting to visit this location for many weeks (only problem being that it is a three hour drive, one direction). Finally, we found a free weekend with decent weather and a couple of teenage boys to babysit the little guys :) We kept explaining to Aidan that we could make this journey and see nothing. Or we might see only 1 bird. Would it be worth it? He assured us, "YES!"
Below you will discover just what all the excitement was about:

Bird #1: "Mr Bean Goose" - lifer

Specifically, a Tundra Bean Goose haling from Northern Europe/Asia. 

Even though he is far from home and unaccompanied, he seems to be doing okay... for now... he will be closely watched throughout the winter and assistance provided if needed. I hope he is able to return to his own come spring.
He alone was worth the trip!

Bird #2: Nothern Shrike (winter) - lifer
Even our fantastic bird guide had seen this bird on only one other occasion.

Bird #3: Horned Lark (winter) - lifer

Bird #4: Snowy Owl (winter) - lifer

This is not a rare bird, but it is a very unusual year indeed with a record number of sightings.

Bird #5: Lesser Black-backed Gull (uncommon, but regular visitor to North America from Europe) - lifer

 Lesser Black-backed Gull ~~~~~~~~ Greater Black-backed Gull
(just in case you were familiar with the king of the Atlantic waterfront and like me, were curious regarding their differences)

Bird #6: Common Loon

Bird #7: Iceland Gull - lifer

Bird #8: Dunlin (migratory) - lifer

Wind Farm

We finally found a "real" beach!!! Too bad it is so far away.

What a spectacular day! Far above what we had hoped and prayed for... thank you, God!

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