Monday, December 23, 2013

Festive Spirit

 Bubble lights and small white lights with candles

Large multi-colored lights


If one is good, isn't two better?
The tree on the left is the one Sean, Aidan, and Patrick brought back. Aidan and I moseyed out a few days later while the boys were at school and discovered that their tree was partially buried and frozen fast to the roof. So we tromped back out to hunt for another tree... the tree on the right. Long story short, we decided it would make a nice surprise to have two trees ready for decorating when they got home.

This is a favorite of the boys.

Stockings all hung.

I found one strand of mini pine garland and one of silk red poinsettia garland. I looped them into a circle, added a few other decorations, and voila, a free, cheery wreath!

My little helpers!

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