Friday, April 12, 2013

Luke lost his 1st tooth

It was soooooooo wobbly, having been loose for a month or more. So last night, I told him that "it was time" and he agreed. I tied a length of dental floss around it and handed him the ends. He grabbed hold and immediately began pulling with all his might - NOT what I had in mind. I hollered, "STOP!" He paused and handed me the string. It took quite a few moments for me to regroup (stop laughing). I had him step off the stool (didn't want his tooth disappearing down the drain), tilt his chin down, and then yanked. SCORE!!! His tooth popped right out and landed on the floor. He said that it barely hurt when pulled, but then hurt just a little for a few minutes after it was out.

Bottom left - can you see the tiny gap?

Luke asked me to take this pic!!!!
Pretty cute little boys and you can barely see his missing tooth too!!!

Also, in our family, losing your first tooth is synonymous with NO more finger sucking. I almost forgot, but Aidan remembered and reminded Luke which, of course, produced the water works... and I was then called in to "clean up the mess." We talked a little bit about it, and I assured him that he could do this. I then asked him if it would be easier for Mommy to take away his puppies, or he could snuggle with them as long he did NOT suck his finger. He decided to keep his puppies (wise decision), but was still quite worried that it would take him forever to fall asleep (since he "needs" his finger). How very tired he was, and I pointed out that his crying was just proof of that... to relax and hug on puppies. As a reminder during the night, I also popped a bandaid on his finger.  Believe it or not, about 5-10 minutes later he was sound asleep with no finger!!! The "tooth fairy" sneaked in and left him TWO "Loonies" - one for the tooth and one for being such a big boy. He woke just after "she flew out" and discovered his surprise, but he thinks he found it this morning (and I have no intention of telling him otherwise...).

Just so PROUD of my big little boy!!!!!

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K. Humby said...

Fun story!!! Don't see any loose ones in the near future for Charis yet! Can't believe he didn't fuss about the string method!?!?!