Saturday, April 06, 2013

Hiking to the 2nd lake

Today, Patrick wore Asher on the front, since he was a bit whiny on our last hike.
Based on his personality, 
(he loves sleeping in "Mommy's bed", and regularly checks to make sure Mommy is right beside him and facing his direction... touches my face with his hands and lips, puts his little arm around my neck....)
I suspected his would be far more content this way, and he was :)

Patrick and his 2 little boys.


Luke is getting so BIG!

Our final destination.

Sean exploring a bit around the "other" side of the lake.

All of my men headed towards home.
(I promise they are all in this pic;)

Talk about strong... Aidan sunk the knife into this tree up to the hilt.

If you look carefully, you can see the countless logs that have been laid across the path, creating almost a bridge on which to walk and a much firmer surface for the 4-wheelers (the ground is super soft here).
What a great reminder that if we persist and accomplish just a little bit every day, it adds up to a LOT over time. 

Drew just cresting the hill.

Almost home.

Patrick took Asher out of the carrier to walk the rest of the way home.
Didn't quite work out as planned... 
he promptly discovered a stick and began pounding on a stump. 

Change of plans:
Pick up Asher WITH his stick and carry him home :)_____________________________________________________________

Last post I asked if anyone knew where Aidan and Luke were sitting...
A deer blind!
And 1st class if I might add... with carpeted walls and captain seats!

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