Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soccer Season

The season has officially begun. The boys had several practices this week and will continue to practice in anticipation of this coming Saturday's 1st game.

All decked out and ready for some fun!

Following is a basic soccer tutorial by Luke:
Make sure your laces are not too tight nor too loose and then tuck in the ends.

Use proper from when dribbling.

Remember only goalies are allowed to touch the ball with their hands.

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Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

Luke looks like he is going to be a pro!

K. Humby said...

He looks so cute with all of the gear on. Can he actually play/dribble/etc? It looks as if he might be able to. Very impressed!

j.j. said...

Luke looks like such a big boy - esp with all his gear on! Makes me remember how Jake used to get dressed up in baseball gear for Josh's games--- but before he was old enough to play. =)Fun times