Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dollywood at Christmas!!!

Finally, we went to Dollywood during the Christmas festivities!!! The park was beautiful (as always) and the special shows were very enjoyable!!!

Waiting in line for the 4D Polar Express!

Waiting is really not that fun!

Do I have to come back?
(His new FAVORITE expression)
Aidan bringing little brother back to our place in line.

Waiting wears me out!
There's nothing like a good snooze to pass the time!

Off to Santa's Workshop!

Mommy, Daddy, Luke, Santa and Aidan!!!
(Luke didn't think much of Santa's lap:)

And of course, what is Dollywood without a few rides - brrrrrrr!!!

A rocking horse designed using Christmas packages.
Buildings covered in lights.

Reminded me of the way trees look after an ice storm.

Every Spruce wrapped in lights along the walkway!

Merry Christmas to ALL!!!!

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kevin said...

Great pics! sorry your not joining us for new years. Will post the hen recipe on the blog in a few days.