Saturday, April 09, 2016

Joy in the Little Things

I really am NOT a girly girl. I don't like to shop. I don't like change or new things. Possessions are really not that important to me, but here are a few new(ish) things that have brought me joy.

. the free goodies from hosting a Norwex party.
 It took me awhile to start using them, and I have been pleasantly surprised with just how well they work and how much I enjoy cleaning with them. With just water, an "envirocloth", and a "window cloth", my bedroom windows are so clean that the boys have checked more than once to make sure whether they are opened or closed.

. a gift from my parents
They bought this for me when they were here the beginning of February. It has been the entire time and still is in full bloom!!!

. a "gift" from Patrick (well, he did agree to buy it and fetch it)
I found it used on a local board for $120. It is solid wood and quite plain, just the way I like it. After I finish selling all of the baby stuff I have accumulated over the last 19 years, I will move the piano and  then move this into the piano's present spot. I can't wait to unpack my china for the very first time since we were married.

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