Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Story Behind the Picture

I knew Luke was busy with some tape and a pair of scissors, designing and constructing a masterpiece. I was somewhat horrified (didn't even take a pic of his finished product) when I discovered he had built a spaceship using these binoculars.... the strap didn't fit into his plans and were "removed".  It was clear that he had no intention of being naughty since he excitedly showed it to me and then was blindsided by my utter dismay... *sigh*... poor guy. 
Seriously, where do boys come up with these ideas?

Thankfully, I did not inhibit his creativity :)
Not too long after the first "disaster", he once again dashed into the room begging me to come see what he had made, and he assured me this project did NOT require the use of scissors... *sigh* of relief .
These are the 3 silver medals Sean won at the track and field meet this year!!!

I dare you to admit how many times you have great plans for supper that are not fully realized. 
Sometimes it really is ALL about creativity and the willingness to be flexible.
I mixed up a LOT of this meat mixture for the 12 pepper halves, only to remember Patrick had asked to use two whole peppers. Oooops! So we ended up having stuffed peppers on a bed of meatloaf. Hey, everyone loves extra meat!!!

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