Sunday, March 10, 2013

Luke's 1st time skiing

He was excited, but nervous. 
We strapped on our skis and headed for the Tow Rope/bunny hill for a little practice. 
It was years since I last skied, and I lack both skill and confidence; needless to say,
I failed to line up his skis correctly, and when he grabbed the rope, his legs did NOT follow his body.
He decided from then on out he would ski with Daddy ONLY!
(good choice, little man, good choice)

All his gear on and ready to head outside.

(: SNOW :)

Daddy helping Luke up the Rope Tow!
(aka Daddy does all the work, and Luke is along for the ride - "spaghetti legs" and all)

Great progress... Daddy is no longer "carrying" him.

Why, hello cutie pie :)

Aidan can ski circles around me already, but he was a sweetheart and accompanied me several times.
(I think he could have walked down and still beat me - LOL)

Drew is also getting pretty good, but still joined me on a run or two.

Asher was sooooooooo good. 
He had 5 different caretakers during the day (Sean, Patrick, two "HCA" Moms, and I).
He even took a nap for Mrs. Dahlia!!!!

Luke and Daddy

Way to go, Lukie!!!
(Patrick was waiting a short ways down the slope to catch him...need to work on that "snowplow")
But all in all, a successful introduction to skiing :)

We arrived home just in time for me to catch a gorgeous sunset!
What a wonderful day!!!

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