Monday, February 11, 2013


At least, that's what the forecast called for... 
personally, I thought it just snowed and snowed and snowed...
most of the time pretty light, but it sure did accumulate.

Door #1 - snowed shut
 (this is as far as we could open it).

Door #2 - snowed shut

Door #3 - snowed shut

Patrick dug a path to the front door so that we could use it:)

Aidan -  up to his thighs in snow:) 

I bundled up Asher:
. clothes and 2 pairs of socks
.  fleece body suit
.  water resistant body suit
. winter coat
. mitts, WARM hat, and boots
Even then, we could only keep him out for a short while.
We hiked down to the road (Luke was not impressed since the snow was above his knees making it difficult for him to walk), walked out on the pond and down by the ocean. 
Very windy, snowy, and cold!

View from the top of our hill.

The boys all worked on this tunnel. 
Pretty impressive if you ask me :)

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