Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bad, worse, worst or is it Good, better, best?

LOL, can you tell I have been working on positive, comparative, and superlative adjectives/adverbs with Sean?
Well, to get to the point, I have a couple of odd photos to post today and a couple of really sweet (no pun intended) ones too:)

A mess? Yes!
Cute? Maybe.....but why?
Luke has been doing the oddest thing for the past couple of weeks......... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY he collects this huge pile of stuff at least once per day (more often if we put things away). The location occasionally changes too: treadmill, under the table, couch, behind my chair.....
Right now, he has 3 blankets, pillow, 4 swords, 2 wooden rifles, golf set, 4 bags (some of them stuffed with other stuff - pens, paper, brio army collection...........)

These are my sheets! At first Luke decided a mouse had done it, but upon second thought (I told him perhaps the mouse would come back to nibble further), he stated that "Daddy did it":)
Actually, my washer ate them and I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!!
Do you think I overloaded it just a smidgen ?

One of my precious boys likes to give me notes in all different colors, shapes and sizes and to receive a (((((HUG)))).

Definitely falls into the BEST category!!!

Chocolate fondue was pretty good too!


Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

super cute!

Jennifer Boll said...

When Andrew collects a pile of stuff, it is called playing store. I have recently outlawed Walmart and department stores. We now play specialty shops - only selling Lincoln logs, or Legos. ONE THING AT A TIME!

j.j. said...

Thanks for posting!! Cute how Luke is such a collector of "things."